Akale Atiir

I am a mother of two girls and five boys. In our culture, if you do not own goats, you are considered a pauper. We only have 5 goats that were donated to us by the community, from which we used to get milk for our family. Unfortunately, due to the long droughts, the shrubs dried up and the goats did not have pasture for our goats, and because of this we could not get any mil from the goats.

What was life like before ADRA’s involvement?:
We did not have any milk for the children, and we were left with no option than to depend on the Mukoma fruits (Fruits from Doum palm that grew along river courses). We were having only one meal a day for dinner, and sometimes we could go for up to three days without any meal. My children used to cry, but since I had nothing to give them, I boiled Mukoma fruit and gave them as tea. Sometimes my husband had to borrow food items from the shop and sell charcoal to pay the debt.

What did ADRA do to help?
ADRA came to us when I was expecting my last born child. I was very weak but I felt that I had to walk to the distribution site, that was like 3 hours away. Unfortunately, I gave birth at the distribution site and had to go back home. I named my child Nagis, after the daughter of one of the volunteers. I was happy to receive 25kg of rice, 10kg of beans, 5liters of cooking oil and 1kg of salt. We have never received such quantities of food in this village

What is life like now?
I am happy now I can get some food, at least my child can get some breast milk. My family is happy too because we can take one meal in the evening for two weeks.

What would you like to say to ADRA?
ADRA was sent by God. Thanks for remembering my family. God bless you.

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