Kibra COVID-19 Emergency Response

The world is currently facing the worst coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic which, since its first identification in China in late December 2019, has continued to sweep across the world, killing thousands and wreaking social and economic havoc on a massive scale. Every day, lives have been disrupted in unprecedented ways.

Basic hygiene, like handwashing with soap, is one of the cheapest, most effective methods of protection against coronavirus, as well as many other infectious diseases. Yet for billions, even this most basic of steps is simply out of reach.

In Kenya, the majority of the population, particularly those living in informal settlements such as Kibra in Nairobi, have limited access to water or soap for personal hygiene and handwashing. 

ADRA in partnership with the Adventist Church and LDS Charities is supporting communities in Kibra to access handwashing facilities and other personal hygiene items while at the same time providing social behaviour change (SBC) communication.

So far, ADRA has supported 4,200 people, with your support, we can reach even more!

  • 4200

Direct Beneficiaries

  • 120000

Indirect Beneficiaries

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