ADRA Kenya focuses on greater well-being of women, men and children living in poverty and distress through a collective focus on holistic education and health support, anchored on secure and sustainable livelihoods.

Our Mission, Vision and Purpose
We want to see every man, woman boy or girl live to their full potential, just as God intended
Our History

Since 1983, we have been changing the lives of people so profoundly, enabling them to help themselves and create a positive change around them

Our Team

We have a strong governing board, and a dedicated and experienced team who design, implement and manage our life changing programs.

Our Values

We keep our word, timeliness, focus on great results and impact, desires to excel in everything and accountability

We listen well, are free to express, admit mistakes, are direct and nonpolitical


Solutions and new ideas that prove radically useful,
challenges assumptions, desires to simplify


Smart risks, not afraid to speak up, questions inconsistencies, takes tough decisions, doesn’t need to be told what to do


Best for the organization, helps colleagues, shares openly