Mwingi county

“My daughters fled home and left me with three grandchildren. Feeding them was not as challenging three years ago as it is now because though there were droughts, I could harvest 5 bags of maize and three bags of green grams from my 4 acre farm.”

“Last year, we did not harvest any maize because of the drought. We only harvested 1 bag of green grams. We sold some of it to enable us buy maize, cooking oil, salt and vegetables. Unfortunately we finished all the food we had after two months, even after eating only two meals a day.”

“I don’t remember the last time we ate to satisfaction, maybe three years ago. I know the food is not enough and my grandchildren cry asking for food, but what do I do? I just tell them to have hope, God will provide tomorrow.”

“We ate our last meal a day ago, before then, we have been managing to eat one meal a day. It has been tough.”

“I thank God for sending ADRA who have given us enough food to last us a month. Because of this, my grandchildren can now go to school. I don’t know how I can best thank ADRA for this miracle.”

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Elbisil sub-location, Kajiado County

The contagious smile from Janet Suyianka can tell it all. Janet, 19 years old and a third born in a family of nine has this to say, “I have seen some light at the end of the tunnel”. At the age of 9, Janet was to be married off to a 60 year old man as is commonly practiced by the Masaai. “My parents are peasant farmers, so my dowry was to be a source of income for my family since we did not own any goats or cattle.”

“I could not take that! I had always wanted to go to school and work as a nurse in my community. My parents had already denied all my siblings the opportunity to go to school. Since none of my siblings had ever been enrolled in a school. I had to find a way out.”

Two days to the D-day Janet woke up before dawn and ran for a distance of 4 kilometers to seek help from the government offices at Bissil divisional headquarters, 4 km away. This would mark the turning point of her life. She was immediately admitted in Kajiado School and Rescue Centre, a center that supports runaway girls from FGM and early marriages. Here she found a new home.

“Thanks to ADRA, I can dream again. They have been supporing me with school fees and essential supplies for the last 10 years. I am sitting for my final exams this year and I am looking forward to train to be a nurse. If it was not for the help and support of ADRA Germany, I would be an illiterate and poor mother with more than seven children.”

“I have since reconciled with my parents, and through the intervention of our headteacher, they now have decided they will not marry off any of my siblings but they are all in school.”

My parents apologized for what they had planned and decided to take my small sisters to school with no plans of marrying them off.”

“Although I was privileged to get daily provisions of food, it hurts that my family back at home can only afford to have one meal a day because of the drought. Sometimes they go for days without a single meal. ADRA gave us food enough to last us over a month! What more can I ask for in a family where we have not had any stock of food?”

ADRA Kenya in partnership with ADRA Germany  came to the aid of the Bissil community  With this emergency food distribution, ADRA intend to target the most vulnerable families and homes that have been identified by the local chiefs, local church and the Tawanga Women group. Janet’s parents have not been spared by the drought.

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Oyugis, Homabay county.

Quinter's story can be summarized into just one word, HOPE. We visited her at her grandmother’s home in Nyabola but we soon realized it was not going to be an ordinary visit. We did the preliminaries and finally it was time to get down to business.

“I lost my mum when I was in class four, and my dad when I was in class 8. I was crushed. My life stopped. I remember when growing up in my home with our parents and my two siblings, the future seemed bright. Now all hope was lost."

When I received my KCPE results, I shed tears of desperation because though I had passed very well, I knew there was no one to pay for my school fees.” “My grandmother struggled and took me to a nearby day school.”

It was not where I would have loved to be at, but I had no option. I couldn't even afford it in the first place, even though it was the cheapest option for us.

“Then came ADRA. They paid my fees and provided my supplies through high-school. I felt the best way I would show my appreciation was to work hard in school. Praise God, I passed with an A- from God Ber Secondary School and I have been admitted to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University to pursue BSc. Public Health this year.”

ADRA Kenya changes lives of many orphans and vulnerable children like Quinter.

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Mr and Mrs Musyoka


I was working as a security guard in the city (Nairobi) until 1984 when I decided to move to the countryside and worked as a farmer. I own a 5 hectare piece of land and I grow grains. I have been farming both for commercial and domestic purposes. I sell some of my produce to help me cater for my children’s school fees while the rest is kept for our consumption. In a normal good season, I harvest 8 bags of sorghum, 16 bags of millet, 30 bags of maize and 3 bags of beans. However the last time I had this kind of harvest was in 2014 because of the prolonged drought.

During the last season, I harvested only 5 bags of maize, 2 bags of sorghum and 4 bags of green grams. I did not harvest any beans or millet. I decided not to sell any of the produce but instead kept used it to feed my family. That means two of my children had to drop out of school until a relative of mine supported them with school fees.

We never imagined that there would come a time when we could survive on only one meal a day, but that is our life now. We have been eating only one meal a day for the last two weeks, and even then we are never satisfied, but what can we do?

My children complain every night but all I do is encourage them to hold on. When they are too hungry, I ask them not to go to school. As a result their performance has been falling over the last two years and it stresses me up.

The food I received from ADRA Kenya will last me two weeks, but we have planned with my wife to be taking two meals a day so that it can last even longer.

God bless you ADRA Kenya.

Mr & Mrs Musyoka received 29kg of beans, 45 kg of maize, 1 packet of salt and 5 liters of cooking oil

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Paulina Ali Mlim was born in Turkana County in North West Kenya but moved to Bissil Location at the age of 12 years after her parents were killed due to the tribal conflicts between the Turkana community and West Pokot Community. She was employed as a house help at that age and got married to a Maasai Moran at the age of 16 years. Last year, the husband ran away and left her with a pregnancy. In June 2017, she will be 28 year’s old with 7 children who have been brought up in a small one roomed house with only a mattress, few utensils and a small heap of clothes.

Luckily, two of her children are being supported in one of the children homes by the name “Christ Care” after Tawanga women group had identified the need.

She survives on casual jobs though it’s not easy to get one and her family feeds only once a day i.e. dinner and the food is not normally balanced diet. Asked to show the food stock, she had this to say, “I have never had any food stock for the last three years and this year the situation has been worsened by the drought. The food prices have escalated and all my earnings from the casual jobs is spent on food for my children’s dinner. The food I manage to get is not even enough for them, but what else can I do?”
“I really appreciate Tawanga Women group and ADRA for this food support. I am lucky to be one of the beneficiaries. I have never had such a large amount of food. This is Christmas for me.” “Right now I cannot cook, I have to look for a casual job so that I can buy some charcoal for cooking, but I thank God at least I have food.”

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