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Success Stories

Give HOPE to Quinter
published on 10/08/2016

Quinter Achieng cannot hide her joy after receiving her university admission

Quinter is one of those that have benefited from ADRA Kenya's Child Education Support and Development Project (CESaD) that enables orphans and vulnerable children access quality primary and secondary school education. She hopes to join University in September 2016.


ADRA opened our eyes
published on 12/05/2016

ADRA Kenya FTTM Livestock Officer and Nurias Husband admiring Fodder grass in their FMNR Plot

"I have learned that there are many other things I can do to raise my children. Our area has been perceived as dry and we have always believed that nothing good can come from this area. Soils are poor with no vegetation. ADRA taught us that we have many opportunities and opened our eyes."


I owe my survival to date to ADRA's help in March and September
published on 02/10/2014

Lotipo the day after the distribution of the food in Turkana county

The above picture shows Lotipo expressing his heartfelt gratitude for the food ration ADRA has given him during food distribution in September 2014. He lost all his animals, thanks to the ravaging drought. He is suffering from severe backache. Close family members abandoned him and was left for death.


Peter is proof.
published on 21/10/2013


Peter* was an orphan. No parents. He was forced to live with his estranged sister.