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You might be wondering: "Who is ADRA Kenya?" 

Well, let us answer your questions.

ADRA Kenya is part of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) global humanitarian network, operating in 126 countries. Each year, our global ministry touches the lives of more than 30 million people. 

Here in Kenya, we've been working with communities for over 25 years, touching the lives of more than one million people. 

Our work is concentrated in two areas: community development and disaster relief. 

This means we work with communities through sustainble and long term projects, providing support and the hope of a future. 

When a disaster strikes, ADRA Kenya is also able to provide lifesaving relief through support from our partners and the ADRA network.

Another important aspect is that ADRA Kenya works with all people - regardless of their ethnic, political, or religious association. 

This directive is an outgrowth of a deeply held belief that human life is infinitely valuable and that through humanitarian acts we make known the just, merciful and loving character of God in a world filled with misery and pain or political affiliation. 

ABOVE: ADRA Kenya distributing lifesaving food to internally displaced people in Mandera.