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Mwingi county

“My daughters fled home and left me with three grandchildren. Feeding them was not as challenging three years ago as it is now because though there were droughts, I could harvest 5 bags of maize and three bags of green grams from my 4 acre farm.”

“Last year, we did not harvest any maize because of the drought. We only harvested 1 bag of green grams. We sold some of it to enable us buy maize, cooking oil, salt and vegetables. Unfortunately we finished all the food we had after two months, even after eating only two meals a day.”

“I don’t remember the last time we ate to satisfaction, maybe three years ago. I know the food is not enough and my grandchildren cry asking for food, but what do I do? I just tell them to have hope, God will provide tomorrow.”

“We ate our last meal a day ago, before then, we have been managing to eat one meal a day. It has been tough.”

“I thank God for sending ADRA who have given us enough food to last us a month. Because of this, my grandchildren can now go to school. I don’t know how I can best thank ADRA for this miracle.”

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