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Paulina Ali Mlim was born in Turkana County in North West Kenya but moved to Bissil Location at the age of 12 years after her parents were killed due to the tribal conflicts between the Turkana community and West Pokot Community. She was employed as a house help at that age and got married to a Maasai Moran at the age of 16 years. Last year, the husband ran away and left her with a pregnancy. In June 2017, she will be 28 year’s old with 7 children who have been brought up in a small one roomed house with only a mattress, few utensils and a small heap of clothes.

Luckily, two of her children are being supported in one of the children homes by the name “Christ Care” after Tawanga women group had identified the need.

She survives on casual jobs though it’s not easy to get one and her family feeds only once a day i.e. dinner and the food is not normally balanced diet. Asked to show the food stock, she had this to say, “I have never had any food stock for the last three years and this year the situation has been worsened by the drought. The food prices have escalated and all my earnings from the casual jobs is spent on food for my children’s dinner. The food I manage to get is not even enough for them, but what else can I do?”
“I really appreciate Tawanga Women group and ADRA for this food support. I am lucky to be one of the beneficiaries. I have never had such a large amount of food. This is Christmas for me.” “Right now I cannot cook, I have to look for a casual job so that I can buy some charcoal for cooking, but I thank God at least I have food.”

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