Mr and Mrs Musyoka

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I was working as a security guard in the city (Nairobi) until 1984 when I decided to move to the countryside and worked as a farmer. I own a 5 hectare piece of land and I grow grains. I have been farming both for commercial and domestic purposes. I sell some of my produce to help me cater for my children’s school fees while the rest is kept for our consumption. In a normal good season, I harvest 8 bags of sorghum, 16 bags of millet, 30 bags of maize and 3 bags of beans. However the last time I had this kind of harvest was in 2014 because of the prolonged drought.

During the last season, I harvested only 5 bags of maize, 2 bags of sorghum and 4 bags of green grams. I did not harvest any beans or millet. I decided not to sell any of the produce but instead kept used it to feed my family. That means two of my children had to drop out of school until a relative of mine supported them with school fees.

We never imagined that there would come a time when we could survive on only one meal a day, but that is our life now. We have been eating only one meal a day for the last two weeks, and even then we are never satisfied, but what can we do?

My children complain every night but all I do is encourage them to hold on. When they are too hungry, I ask them not to go to school. As a result their performance has been falling over the last two years and it stresses me up.

The food I received from ADRA Kenya will last me two weeks, but we have planned with my wife to be taking two meals a day so that it can last even longer.

God bless you ADRA Kenya.

Mr & Mrs Musyoka received 29kg of beans, 45 kg of maize, 1 packet of salt and 5 liters of cooking oil

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