We are dedicated to great
dreams and missions.


ADRA KENYA is a faith-based NGO made up of people dedicated to solidarity.
Our mission is to change the lives of people in need so profoundly, they are able to help themselves and those around them.

We empower families
to create positive change.


When we work we listen well and partner with communities for real long-term change.

Planning and needs assessment

We listen well to people telling us about their needs. We assess their claimed needs and do in-depth research. Most importantly, we engage the community in need to learn directly from them about their needs and situation.

Based on research and community engagement, we propose potential new solutions that can prove radically useful for the people in need. Things we consider include the potential for greater impact, buy-in and ownership of the affected people, duplication of work of other organizations, and long-term viability of the propose intervention.

We look for donors passionate about the given need and propose solutions.

We engage the community (again) in what we call Community Based Targeting (CBT). We use it in the selection of beneficiaries for all project interventions. This approach involves conducting intensive community sensitization sessions and open discussions on the social and economic dynamics of an area. The various components of the project are discusses in detail as we seek input from the community on how they can be implemented.


Implementation and monitoring

We begin to implement the project. This involves developing a detailed implementation plan that will guide all project activities.

We bring together all relevant stakeholders such as local government officials, other organizations working in the area, and the community members themselves.


We document and communicate the progress and setbacks of the project to our donors, supporters, and other relevant stakeholders. This includes regular updates, as well as the final evaluation after all activities have been completed.”

We monitor/stay involved. Our field staff reports regularly to us about the progress of the project. They also openly share with us the challenges that the project faces.

Implementation and monitoring

We listen well/engage (again) to the people in need to document their progress and the lessons learned.”


We stay in touch. In most cases we are able to stay in touch with the people we have helped even long time after the project ends- this helps greatly when we develop future proposals and when we assess the long-term impact of our solutions.”

We strive for
long-term impact.


We exist to change lives

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